The car don’t loss value because we fix the dent without painting.

How about the price?

The price is cheaper than the traditional method.

It depends  and the amount of dents and specially for haildamaged cars, sure is that this method is faster than the traditional painting method. Damages from parking, vandalism or other reasons are mostly fixed at the same day.

The answer is no, because I philosophy of this method (PDR) is to fix the dent to 100% without painting

In this case the answer is the same, all the dents are going to fixed to 100% without painting.

Well for this method (PDR) ar the special tools not enough, you need the experience of a technician and the condition of the paint and clears. The contact from clear to paint, paint to primer and primer to metal who are literally burn one into another in the factory that makes it to ceramic fusion and that makes it so strong for the pressure of the PDR Method and it’s a guarantee that the pain want to have any damage.