Why are you should choose us?

Very simple, because of our long-term experience . Sometimes thanks comes through our lives without to ask us. After I move to Germany and my exception in the Audi factory they move me to the PDR sector because of my body shop knowledge . To be more specific the send me to the Production line to control and fix the dents without painting of course who was produced be other worker’s or what ever the reason was.

This Technik was so interesting that it becomes a passion. After I reach the highest PDR level in the factory I started to fix dents from the new and used cars in the garage, body shops and official dealers in my area . The high quality brought me very fast a lot of new contacts.

After a specific amount of time the dent repair business was every day so I decided to quit from Audi so I can concentrate more on my client’s.

n 2002 on my vacation in my homeland Greece we had an hail storm.

It was my first PDR job and the reason to move back to Greece and open a PDR garage in Thessaloniki.

The most difficult part there was to convince the people, garages, body shops, dealer, dealerships and insurance that it is possible to fix dents from whatever reason and hail damaged carswithout painting. The first jobs was distrustful, but after the results the distrustful attitude becomes a worship.

Sometimes this job is admirable specially when a giant dent is fixed but that’s the charm of this job.

In the last 10 years my son is a PDR technician to, that makes us more flexible for our customers. He’s enthusiasm about this method and it’s development gives us a very dynamic name in the hail business no matter if in Greece, rest of Europe, America or Australia.

What is PDR?

You can call it the enemy of the painting.

Art of damage

PDR Method can fix damages without painting .

PDR methods

There are two methods to fix dance without painting.

Fixing time

That independence of the amount of dents.