Personal Data:

The personal data of customers are used, based on N.2472/97, exclusively for the execution and proof of their orders, the provision of personalized services and the extraction of Statistics. Such data shall not be transmitted to third parties. The customer hereby gives his consent for the storage and processing of his personal data by Theopro for the purposes of execution and proof of his orders as well as for the provision of personalized oversupplies.

Underage Users

By accepting these terms of use you declare that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older. If your age is less than eighteen (18) years but more than thirteen (13), you have the right to use our services exclusively under the supervision of a parent or other parent who accepts these terms. In any other case you may not access our website and use our services, and, respectively, our company bears no responsibility for this use.

If you are a parent or have the care of a minor who makes use of our website, you are fully responsible for such use.

Privacy Policy

Privacy principles of

O take all reasonable measures to safeguard personal data subject to Greek law, binding provision or contract, which defends principles for fair handling and an adequate degree of protection of personal data.

O commits that all personal data that may be received in they will not be used inappropriately, sold or in any way ceded to third parties.

Users unreservedly accept and grant permission for the administrator and its authorized partners to have the right to collect, process in any way and keep a record of personal data of users, even sensitive, in the context of the operation of this website. Further specialization in relation to the personal data of users is carried out in the Privacy Policy of the site .

Users of the website reserve the right to delete their personal data, correct and/or update their personal data and/or disable their registration and/or object to the further processing of their data, at any time, simply by visiting the relevant service of

The names, marks, images, logos and distinctive features, representing the and its products or services, are exclusive trademarks own protected by the relevant laws on trademarks and commercial and industrial property. Only their appearance on our website should not in any way be perceived as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them. Therefore, no liability arising from the use by third parties of the above trademarks and distinctive features of third parties is borne by our company. Any improper use of this website is expressly prohibited by knowingly transmitting to other users viruses, “trojan horses” (trojan horses), “computer worms” (worms) and other malicious software or other materials that are malicious or technologically damaging. You also agree and expressly undertake that you will not use our online store or our website in general for sending, publishing, and generally in any way transmitting, illegal, harmful, threatening, racist, offensive, disturbing, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or harmful to minors content. The violation of the above condition, as well as any provision of law that may concern electronic crime, may constitute a criminal offense in accordance with applicable law. Any such violation will be reported to the competent prosecuting authorities with whom we will cooperate in order to reveal the identity of the electronic offender, who will be excluded from any further use of our website. Our website is not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by viruses or other malicious software and harmful material that may affect your computer, its components, data or any other material due to the use of this website.

Preservation Of Personal Data

This section defines the policies and procedure for the retention of personal data, designed to ensure that the website complies with its legal obligations regarding the retention and deletion of personal information.

The site will retain documents (including electronic documents) that include personal data:

(A) to the extent required by law

(B) if the website’s competent authorities consider that these documents are relevant to any existing or potential legal / legal proceedings

(C) to establish, exercise or protect its legal rights (including information to third parties for the purpose of preventing fraud and limiting credit risk)

The website collects personal data A) when the visitor / user subscribes to its services B) when using its products and / or services C) when visiting its pages and/or entering its promotional / advertising programs and D) when participating in the competitions. The personal information collected is mandatory: Name-Surname-e-Mail-telephone-address-T.K.-City – Country – Profession-Age.

It is possible to collect, store and use the following types of personal data:

(a) information relating to the computer as well as with his visits, and his activity on this site or in linked applications (including [its own IP address, geographical location, the type and version of browser, the operating system, the source of referral, duration of visit, pages read and corridor navigation on the website or in related applications].

(B) information provided when registering on the website or linked applications (including its own email address).

(C) the information provided when filling out his / her profile on the website or in linked applications (including: his / her name, their profile photos, their gender, date of birth, family status, interests and occupations, details of their education and professional course).

(d) the information they provide to the website for the purpose of subscribing to the site’s updates and newsletters by email (including their name and email address).

(E) the information they provide to the website using the services available on the website or in linked applications (including time, frequency and how the services are used).

(F) information related to purchases they make on products / services / products and/or services of the website or other transactions they make through the website or through linked applications (including their name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card details).

(G) the information they publish/post on the website or in linked applications for the purpose of their publication on the internet (including the user name they have specified, their profile photos and the content of their posts).

(H) the information contained in, or linked to, any communication that they promote on the website, or that they promote through the website or through linked applications (including the content of the communication and the metadata associated with that communication).

(I) any other personal information you choose to send to the site; and

(J) providing details related to other information collected.

Before disclosing personal data of a third party to the site, the user must have obtained the consent of that person for both the disclosure and the processing of his personal data, in accordance with this policy.

Personal data provided through the website, or linked applications, will be used for the purposes mentioned in this policy or in the relevant pages of the website or in related applications.

The website may use the user’s personal data for :

(a) the management of the website and associated applications and activities

(B) personalize the website and associated applications for the user

(C) enable the user to use the services provided through the website or linked applications

(d) send products purchased through the website or linked applications to the user

(E) to forward accounts, invoices and payment memos as well as to collect payments from the user from the site

(F) send to the user commercial, non-promotional, updates

(G) to send to the user notifications which he has specifically requested to receive

(h) to send to the user newsletters by e-mail, as long as he has chosen it (he can at any time inform the website that he does not wish to be a subscriber to the newsletter anymore)